Church Services

St Barbara And St Noufer Coptic Orthodox Church runs several meetings and activities throughout the week serving all age groups in our church.

Youth Services

We have many youth services and activities. Our weekly youth meeting is held every Sunday night commencing at 7 PM, followed by refreshments and activities.


Please follow our youth Facebook page for weekly updates and events.

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Sunday School

Sunday School classes run every Sunday after the Holy Liturgy from 11:30 AM till 12:15 PM covering all ages from the angels class to year 12

We also have additional activities during school holidays published on the church Facebook page regularly.

Family Services

Our church is running English and Arabic family meetings alternating every week.


English Family Meeting (The Holy Family) starts at 1 PM every second Sunday.

Arabic Family Meeting (Priscilla and Aquila -

أسرة أكيلا و بريسكيلا للشباب المتزوجين).



Please like our Facebook pages to get weekly events and updates.

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Hymns Lessons

Hymns Lessons start every Saturday at 6 PM.


Please join us to learn the beautiful Coptic hymns.

Tutoring & Education

Tutoring services are available for high school students in 2019.


Services are aimed to excel students in their academic studies whilst in a spiritual environment.


Subjects offered will be determined by level of interest so please register your interest EARLY by completing the enrollment form.


These are available at church or alternatively contact Ioan (0452464184) to register your interest.

Senior Meeting

Every Wednesday after the Holy Liturgy we have El Mahaba meeting for our senior members of the Church

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